Credit Union Profile

Our Mission Statement

The Trouvaille FCU is a financial cooperative owned by its members. It strives to improve the quality of life of its members by encouraging regular savings. Trouvaille FCU provides access to financial education and services to its members. It is particularly focused on extending financial services to those traditionally overlooked by mainstream financial institutions.

In February 1984 a group of 10 motivated employees of Resources for Human Development (RHD) met to develop a way to help each other out. The prime objective of this group was to create, within the employees of RHD, a place where the employees could save money and be able to borrow small amounts of money when needed. The sponsor company RHD, deposited $5,000 and each of these individual also deposited a small amount to start up the Credit Union.

On April 16th, 1984, a charter was granted by NCUA to this group with the original name of wanted ‘LC (Last Chance) FCU’ but that name was already taken. Dennis Roberts looked down at his calendar and the word of the day was ‘trouvaille’ which means godsend, windfall, profit and that is how the credit union was named Trouvaille Federal Credit Union. The original ten members who made up the credit union are as following:

  • Dennis Roberts
  • Richard Kardon
  • Marsha Freed
  • Helen Montgomery
  • Brenda Johnson
  • Sandy Miller
  • Bruce McWaters
  • Donna Hazen
  • John Nicely
  • Joan Yakscoe

Since our inception in April 1984 we have come a long way. We started out with just regular share and one $500 loan, along with payroll deduction from RHD. Today we have direct deposit of your entire paycheck, payroll deduction and direct deposit from government agencies. We offer different share accounts, share draft (checking) accounts, Christmas and Vacation clubs, IRA shares and Certificate of Deposit accounts. We now have different loan accounts that members can apply for: we have signature loans and fully secured loans.

We have over 1400 members today with more than 820 loans outstanding to these members.

Remember: Once a Member, Always a Member!

You are welcome to remain a Credit Union member for life regardless of whether you change jobs, move or retire, as long as you do not close your account and maintain a $50.00 balance. You will continue to have access to the same benefits and services.